Are You Practicing Safety While Inspecting Your Roof?

Maintenance is a necessary evil for many things. You’re accustomed to taking your car to the shop for small repairs. You may have to get your computer looked at every now and then when it’s lagging. Even for your body, visits to the doctor or dentist are essentially maintenance check-ups.

But what about when it comes to your house? Or more specifically, your roof?

Exercising safety is the most important step when inspecting your roof by yourself. While it’s recommended that you simply give a professional a call for an annual roof inspection, we realize that for smaller roofing concerns, many of you prefer to do it yourself.

So if you are planning to get up on your roof and take a look at that leak yourself, please take the proper precautions:

Have a watcher.

While not always possible, having someone around while you’re on the roof is the best way to prevent many injuries. Having another set of eyes can help to spot potential hazards. Additionally, if something were to happen, another person would be there immediately to help or make an emergency call.

Never get on your roof if it’s wet or raining.

This is a huge no no, and one that many of you probably don’t really want to heed if the day you’ve chosen to get up on your roof is one that’s wet. But do not underestimate the rain. Getting on your roof (or even trying to climb a ladder) while it’s raining or still wet from recent rain is a surefire way to slip and injure yourself.

Make sure the area is clean and organized.

By making sure your ladder’s base is free of loose gravel and both ladder feet are in contact with the ground, you ensure that your ladder won’t slip once you begin climbing it. Additionally, having a clean place to walk while on your roof prevents you from slipping.

Be mindful of the heat.

Working on your roof in hot weather can be dangerous—especially because roofs can reflect heat, making it hotter than it seems on the ground. Repairing parts of your roof yourself can also be tiring, so heat exhaustion and dehydration are serious things to be mindful of.

Ultimately, use caution when inspecting or working on your own roof. Roofing injuries are very common, especially when people don’t take the process of inspection and repair seriously. By taking into account everything we’ve outlined here, you’ll be well prepared to check out your roof.