Investing in Real Estate without Cash

There are more ways to invest in real estate than you might think since you can do it for short-term profits or cash flow from rentals for the long term. Many want to be real estate investors, but the idea of having the cash for house flipping and buying and holding just isn’t realistic. But, can you still be a real estate investor? Yes, you can and here’s how you can invest in real estate without cash.

There are some strategies that involve investing without cash or even a small amount of cash. You can begin with a few hundred business cards. There are ways to get started with some legwork. It isn’t easy, but it does create cash for you.  You can look into gurus who have taught many of the methods, or even going to real estate websites. don’t pay for super expensive courses or mentoring, but instead look for ways to learn it that fit you.  Bird-dogging, assignments, lease options, sandwich leases, and back-to-back closings are great.

Bird dogging is actually a great way to start. Essentially, the job is to find homeowners that haven’t been able to sell or haven’t been able to handle the mortgage they have. It doesn’t require cash, just business cards, and effort, and it allows someone to help. It is a great way to find deals that investors can work with. The bird dog essentially brings the investment to the investor, and you can make a lot of money, up to 10,000 when the deal closes.

Assignments allow you to sign the contract to the buyer without the consent of the seller, and essentially, it allows you to do these kinds of deals, and you are essentially assigning the investor to the job, but you get a fraction of the money.

Lease option is when you have a lease with monthly payments, and you give them the option to purchase at the end. If you’re in a rental that you want to et, but don’t have enough for the payment, you can actually lease this, when you have the money buy it, flip and then make a profit.

Sandwich leases involve two lease options with the investor right in the middle, which allows for the investor to purchase at the end, and finding a tenant who wants to purchase, but can’t due to credit or down payment. You should try for a lease purchasers on this.

Finally, there are back-to-back closings, which is essentially double closings where one is used to fund one deal, and the other allows for you to do multiple closings without losing money. You can from there make a decent profit.

These are some of the ways to make some money with investing without having to fork over a ton of money to do this. It takes a bit of work, and you’ll need to team up with investors, but it’s completely possible for you to do and to achieve as well too.